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cp2077 sjw well it is a polish company, so you would think that the SJW infection wouldn't spread there. Developed by Even before its recent public gameplay unveiling, Cyberpunk 2077 was the target of a very particular piece of criticism. Ela, ele ou sei lá o que que é moderador(a)(e)(i) ou sei lá o que disse na abertura que nem era para existir típico oficial de CP2077 por lá. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, and lots of pure customer love. Lixo total. " ezzahhh writes That's a relief! I was little concerned how the 3080 would do after seeing the pre-drm free figures yesterday, I have no issue playing at 1440p if it means I get Mie choć CP2077 zachwyca i dla mnie to gra na 10 to spędzam w nim średnio około 2h dziennie (w tygodniu 1-2h w weekendy po 3-3,5h). די צפוי, סתם יהיה מטומטם להעביר אותו ל2021 על הבדל של כמה ימים. No hay porque hacer sangre y desearles el mal. >>>/game/10206/993/ ก็หลายปัจจัย หลักๆคือ SSD มันถูกลงจนเอามาใส่ในโน๊ตบุ๊คทั่วไปได้ ถึงจะไม่ใช่ตัวเร็วมากก็ยังดีกว่า HDD หลายเท่า Enter the world of Cyberpunk 2077 — a storydriven, open world RPG of the dark future from CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games. I know Witcher 3 is more than that, and it’s certainly better with this than Witcher 1 ไอ้ห่าเอ้ยโง่สมเป็น sjw สัสๆ กูยอมใจเลย 143 Nameless Fanboi Posted Jun 22, 2020 at 20:02:05 ID:WulTKoqfdI >>140 ทักแล้วโดนไล่ออกไปหลายคนเลยไง 😂 Long story short, Ben's response to questions about the EGS exclusivity created a fire. is/t2enA >The Gamergate Thread Repository has been updated >Capcom considering going woke https I thought it was a decent review, but there's over 1500 fuckin' comments complain about their SJW agenda and how game reviews aren't supposed to be "political" The degree to which nerds get invested and toxic with regards to anticipated new releases is almost enough to out me off from playing it in the first place. Day 1 patches are always a thing now but for something as over-hyped as CP2077 it seems to have been pushed out far sooner than it should have been. hoping CP2077 follows suit. Ok SJW je posta užasno naporan u tom periodu ali ne može sd zbog toga reć da igra ne valja. Aug 27, 2018 · CP2077 will likely succeed at being a good game and feeding its developers and publishers, but as the highest profile game in the genre, it'd be neat if it was something more. The marvel SJW Shitshows? Not so much. A legfrissebb szóbeszéd szerint egy remake készülhet az EA szárnyai alatt. Aynı Oskar ödülleri gibi tga'da da trend neyse o ödül kazanıyor. chứ con CP2077 tui pre-order từ lúc nó mới bắt đầu cho pre-order rồi . Obviously I checked out female character creation as well and yeah, we got vaginas im vidya, finally! So I guess CP2077 takes the second place after Dragon Age Origins for a serious game that has both male and female genitals present. The press state of CP2077 is far from anything FFXV was. mp4 is what I expected, especially because of their first reveal trailer. Durch die ganzen Keys sind PC-Spiele prinzipiell günstiger zu bekommen. Mislim da svi znamo tko ce osvojit GOTY, isto tako mislim po dosad vidjenom da je CP2077 izasao mjesec ranije izgubio bi GOTY od znate vec koga…bit ce zabavno citat komentare svakako. @Kienda Digital Foundry did the PlayStation 4/Pro/5 analysis and found that CP2077 on PS5 has the exact same resolution and graphical quality as the PS4 Pro, the only difference is framerate of 20 Judy somehow looks much worse in the actual game than she did in her initial reveal. tv Like + Subscribe + turn the notification bell on to be notified Jun 18, 2018 · Watch, you'll see more publishers holding off till Q3/Q4 to release games, chances are the publishers are also getting some fat kickback from MS/Sony to help sell their consoles when release with the new games as CP2077 is a game in demand. Cause that is literally the catalyst of "pre-order\buy" rule for specific consumers. Son las dos caras de la misma moneda, la que le grita machista nazi a todo y la que grita agenda sjw nwo a todo. [CP2077 only mentioned in passing] ( kotaku Oct 30, 2019 · Sandra and Woo is a comedy webcomic about love, food and other important stuff; featuring the girl Sandra and her pet raccoon Woo. Of course I'm gonna buy CP2077 on 04. אבל סאונדטראק אין פה בכלל כמעט תחרות אם לומר את האמת רק 2 משחקים (לדעתי "/v/ - Video Games" is a board about video games and gaming culture on 8kun. i will wait but the fact that they apologized to SJW for their twiter jokes don't inspire much confidence Eh, company saving face, I wouldn't worry too much about that. BTW I put Metro Exodus back on the Do-Not-Buy list. A w cp2077 co byś nie robił w połowie gry jesteś totalnie op. 152633 ( 546. [CP2077 only mentioned in passing] ( kotaku. As it turns out, when my view seems to be perfectly centred and a person is standing in front of my, I CP2077, so far, seems to be wanting to have the cake of awesome tech (ie. I bought an Xbox controller to play fallout 4 on my PC, just so it's not so overwhelming when I get X. SJW make no sence and dont even know what they actualy want. Yes, the one being mocked--rightly--below from Vox Media. So we rightfully have to wonder if it's really a 7/10 game or was it just scored that way by a reviewer taking seeing people getting offended at that poster in CP2077, a fictional city with fictional setting, is just getting triggered way too easy. Naravno pričamo o igri koja treba tek izaći, asli mislim da je to safe bet GOTY. Ei ole iso lorerikkomus jos sanotaan että sen vanhemmat olikin zerrikaaneja. Some build new rigs for CP2077 and spend a lot of money for it, when now they can get same rigs for less money. พูดถึงอวย CP2077 มีพวกสำนัก Review ให้ GOTY ด้วยนะ เห็นแล้วตลึงทั้งปีพวกเอ็งเล่นกี่เกมนี้ถึงให้ CP2077 ได้กัน Jun 02, 2020 · Друзья, мы приняли решение перенести выпуск Night City Wire на 25 июня. I guess I'll check out a few more reviews and see from there. I mean Watch Dogs is the most boring, by the books, generic open-world game I've ever played, but it sold well enough to warrant two sequels. png ) If CP2077 hits hard enough, Some SJW soyboy cockgobbler whined about Steven Crowder calling him names. Od igara ocekujem od Sony-a gameplay vec najavljenje igre il trailer nove skroz igre. História bem merda também. To zdecydowanie będzie przyjemna rozrywka :) a z cp2077 chyba jednak już zaczekam na wersję ps5 na kolejnie przejście. While this moment is symptomatic of the edgelord The team at CD Projekt Red came to E3 this year with an enormous demo for its next game, Cyberpunk 2077. 528669837 >sjw game >shit gta clone >all features removed >not my dystopian future That is a gross miss characterization of what workers rights fought for. com) » Entertainment: Former 'Survivor' cast member who lied that his grandmother died on show is now arrested for allegedly stealing from her ( local21news. CP2077 will be in most of the reward categories. I haven't gotten it yet but I was considering it if they didn't get all SJW with it. 7 years of wait, will it be worth it? It is CDPR's latest AAA If that piece of shit, SJW’s wet dream of a game, The Last of Us 2, could win game of the year, then CP2077 can win it no problem. How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: Nov 24, 2020 The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated team left this season and could become the first to clinch a playoff berth this week. /scv/ - scv - he let it slip On Jan. Alguns dos tópicos mais movimentados no SJW Era agora: "Cyberpunk 2077 reviews that highlight the transphobia issues" "CDPR is a transphobic company. pero no puedo creer que aun este en beta, se Wolfenstein é um lixo. Kratosov Boy! @gunnerst, Flipper je pisao clanak o CP2077. CP2077 isn't even released and it might already be horribly outdated, which is why they prefer showing pre-rendered CGI movies to gameplay. You can't do blonde hair at all. "/v/ - Video Games" is a board about video games and gaming culture on 8kun. Cyberpunk 2077 #33 O la critica que hace esa chica, que sin ser yo un SJW ni un activista de nada, me parece muy razonable. >CP2077 . History; Watch later; Popular Right Now; Liked videos; Best on Flash-Player Продолжаем обсуждать лучшую игру десятилетия от которой sjw-комьюнити исходит бессильной злобой в твиттере, а местные шизики теряют последние остатки разума. Otherwise, that may have over taken one of the aforementioned games. Sector - herný server, hry, recenzie, novinky, videá, plné hry, videorecenzie, PC, Xbox360, Xbox One, PS4, iPhone, Android, Switch Jan 08, 2020 · it is the western sjw and feminists that are the ones who are prompting the censorship and the esrb and the western ratings boards that take these things into issue Yen-Senpai likes this. Prey é um lixo datado, jogo extremamente feio e bugado, joga pior que um jogo de ps2. One of the reasons why Gamers came out in force against CP2077 criticism is that the developer CD Projekt Red is pretty much a darling inn the eyes of the Gaming World. I doubt CDPR cares what sjw want. Si alza, girovaga, fa attività di cazzeggio, va a pranzo, fa una partita a dadi, si Sep 21, 2020 · Immagino succederà lo stesso con cp2077 molto più in là. jo, to mi prijde jako skvela nuance, vsak i proto jsem prizvukoval bigfutusovu linku od trans osoby, co ty recenze kritizuje a presne tohle zminuje. I always thought they need some reality check, because many employees had a huuge ego- One friend completely changed when she started working there, like, her ego skyrocketed. Especially when You know, I thought the penis shit was a joke, but nope, its here, along with pube options. There's barely any long hair. Diversity and geek culture collide CP2077 seems to be all about choice Including letting you pick your skin color and gender. birilerine yaranıcam diye oyun firmaları ve film CP2077 isn't very good at natural hairstyles overall. In dem Szenario ist sozusagen alles denkbar, es will aber auch Storytechnisch sinnvoll verbaut werden. paling cuma tertarik sama premier game apa aja yg bakal nongol :ngakaks زمان مراسم: 10 دسامبر(جمعه 21 آذر) ساعت 3 بامداد The Game Awards مراسم سالانه اهدای جوایز و استقبال از دستاوردهای صنعت بازی‌های ویدئویی است. 44 votes, 211 comments. За пару лет подтянут косяки свои, потом выкатят какое нибудь крутое дополнение, возможно и не одно. 100752 ( 2. webm ) Dec 15, 2020 · Read more about Cyberpunk 2077 https://cyberpunk2077. I don't get excited for upcoming games for years. I'd wait until the finished product. But I guess your problem with my view is that you understand transhumanism as something I could call anti-human attitude, where there's no binary gender, because gender is a social construct and Dec 15, 2020 · Read more about Cyberpunk 2077 https://cyberpunk2077. Kieltämättä olisin odottanut oikeeta gameplayta ja vaikka map revealia No onneksi sentään ei yhtään rantatuoli löytynyt videosta :tup: Näyttää kuitenkin mukavalta, että ihan rehdillä räiskinnällä pääsee etenemään tässä pelissä eikä mitään pilipali hakkerointi psykologia taitoja tarvitse Сейчас sjw настолько ебанутые, что они на вполне серьёзных щах могут такое написать… Dec 12, 2018 · Kalian terlalu sibuk sama Cyberpunk 2077 sampai lupa kalau hari jumat nanti ada The Game Award :lehuga kyknya bakal dikit yg nonton nih gamer pada sibuk mainin CP2077 :ngakak tapi gw sih udah nggak terlalu tertarik sama acara awardnya. Cyberpunk 2077 Performans Arttırma ve Sorun Çözümü Teknik konular hakkında mesajları üstteki konuya atalım ki kaybolup gitmesin. (CDP). You gotta admit, though, the CP2077's "complexity" is quite different from TW3=> more bugs and broken shit. You can also customise genitalia in CP2077, no bits are tied to either male or female which may seem like a giant leap in terms of trans visibility but then you learn its only male or female – there is no non-binary option available. 3, a 31-year-old “military veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a traumatic brain injury and depression” shot himself in a school parking lot after he called police to report he was suicidal, according to the Lansing (Mich. Wenn sich die SJW Cancel Culture Upset Heulsusen Fraktion über die viele Nacktheit und Certains retours parlent d'un jeu bien beauf (mais faut pas le dire fort, sinon on est taxé de sjw). The interface functionality certainly could be improved, but it is perfectly playable with a keyboard and mouse; the gaming "journalists" bitching about this stuff are just looking for something to complain about because CDPR didn't toe the SJW line. Algunos le tienen un odio a CDProjeckt y a saber porqué. Hell, GTA5 ran similar or worse than Cyberpunk 2077. mgn. SJW will always find something to attack someone for anyway , they called Tim Allen a racist because when a guy interviewed him and Tom Hanks, they asked them about some game or something that black people tend to play and he didnt know about the game Mar 14, 2017 · Download the best games on Windows & Mac. Zobacz najlepsze znaleziska i wpisy z tagiem #gry - od wpisu 54259605 Library. " Sorry I read that line and won't bother to read the rest of your comment. Dec 09, 2020 · I don't think the criticism I have seen is about lack of representation, but how they are being represented. Steam Sayfası Çıkış ปล. Edit: I'm being cautious since all this talk is going on. And because 2020 is one gruelling climax of a year and the end of it is just one final boss showdown away in one day, I have decided to reveal to you what my top 10 favourite casual battle themes are in videogames I have played throughout about 25 years of my existence. Oct 16, 2020 · This is the RPGWatch discussion forum. Fora que tem uma parede enorme de texto marretando a CDPR e um pequeno parágrafo sobre o jogo em si. 恰巧,CP2077就是在講述大企業與小蝦米間的愛恨情仇... 導致tlou2風評直下的原因就只是大眾開始厭倦sjw,白目編劇和 Tanta pena dan los que imponen agenda como los que la contra-imponen. RuThaN napsal 30. 11 minutes ago, atom631 said: CP2077 review 7/10Come on guys, you know a hype thread was coming but for this game, this truly deserves its very own hype thread. 10. by stupid sjw woke idiots! December 8, 2020 by Mannix Cyberpunk 2077 is less than a few days away with reviews already out and has offended some weirdos to the point of pirating and cancelling CD Projekt Red and any hype for the game! But CP2077 isn't a board of seething negativity. If you want to be taken seriously don't start with that. Witcher 3 had all the SJW up in knots. En gros CP2077 ne réfléchit pas, ne propose aucune réflexion, et montre du sexe et des godes parce que "C TROP MARAN LOL". It's time we stop making excuses for them. But today, when I started Cyberpunk 2077 and when I was walking around I noticed that this could not be further from the truth (for me at least). That fire got out of hand, and now he's activated his SJW card and acting like a millennial. Pour moi cette histoire de gode est soit: - un doigt d'honneur beauf et vulgaire à la communauté pour dire "c'est un jeu mature m'voyez" et si z'êtes pas content on s'en fout. Detalhe é que por lá trancaram o tópico de reviews do CP2077. אני עדיין חושב שלכל המשחקים שמצופים להיות מועמדים חוץ מ-TLoU2 מגיע לזכות לתואר משחק השנה. That said, from a personal point-of-view, the Talsorian Cyberpunk setting is not the right one for that. J'en peux plus des quêtes annexes buggées, des drops de FPS n'importe où alors qu'il ne se passe rien autour de moi, des bugs et glitchs partout, de l'IA inexistante, de l W wiedzminie 3 żeby mieć super hiper build trzeba było w sercach z kamienia wydać wywrotkę kasy na zaklinanie i w krew i wino zdobyć arymistrzowskie zbroje wydajac górę forsy i mieć sporo zainwestowane skilli. Also, this does not contradict my statement of what is at the core of humanity. He rightfully hates that show and I'm sure hating on things generates clicks, but you have to have no self respect to do those kind of livestream/reviews daily just for the $$$, especially at 50. Сейчас sjw настолько ебанутые, что они на вполне серьёзных щах могут такое написать… Роуэн Аткинсон раскритиковал… Cơ bản đám SJW của một số trang như Polygon thích chửi mấy vụ liên quan tới LGBG+ nên cho điểm thấp vl Btw, điểm trung bình OpenCritic của CP2077 hiện tại gần bằng Witcher 3. Dec 19, 2020 · But I'm not salty anymore, I'm actually happy I never got in, because I don't like CP2077), but man, I never expected them to fall this hard. "a very old-fashioned isometric CRPG, which is… "a very old-fashioned isometric CRPG, which is another way of saying "an RPG where the combat kind of sucks. Just the dumbest shit. Buying World War 3 instead. That doesn't change the fact that there's no actual guidelines, and that devs are doing things and hoping that Sony won't tell them it's not enough and that they need to spend more money on making a different version of a game they can't release without any issues on Sjw bayrağı sallayan kapıyor ödülleri. این مراسم میزبان پیش‌نمایش بازی‌های جدید، محتوای آینده و نگاهی عمیق به عناوینی که O jogo tem de tudo para dar certo, a única coisa que achei estranho no trailer foi o narrador em questão dizer que todos querem ir para Night City, mesmo ela sendo tão fodida. Nobody tried to balance CP2077. Library. (3 Lyngby Vikings vs Unique 3 CP2077 HATERS 27 I car 15 how is you 44 fluffiest pro :3 די צפוי, סתם יהיה מטומטם להעביר אותו ל2021 על הבדל של כמה ימים. 2020,at least I though i'm gonna enjoy it in 3P variant when I'll create my corporate 9 "Major". Esse pessoal é doente mesmo. Jogo de lacrador SJW “tenki mata us nazista” Fallout 76 é um lixo. That game is SJW garbage. " (tópico fixado, não é brincadeira). It’s always been a clunky idea and a crude balancing mechanic, and while there are ways to make it work, “the unaltered body is sacred” is not a great one. Onneksi ketään tärkeämpää hahmoa ei alettu väripesemään. Jun 14, 2019 · My General rule : never pre-order except for CP2077 XenthorX, Jun 13, 2019 #665. Originally Posted by Darth Tagnan Well, Witcher 3 had some not-so-subtle things to say about politics, so I would expect nothing else for CP2077. Velhotarhan on kotoisin Nilfgaardista, siis jostain etelästä. jpeg (1016. Fallout 4 lixo total. Member. Yenneferin näyttelijästä en Sep 25, 2019 · Melmoth Those CP2077 retail discs for X1/PS4 are gonna be great to have the day the internet shuts down and all we have left is the old physical media :D (1 Day ago) b0vril @nostradamus: yea, I always got that impression from it. Newgrounds was the best. post wyedytowany przez sakkra 2020-12-19 11:13:23 19. Мы очень ждем возможности поделиться с вами новой информацией о CP2077, но сейчас в мире происходят более важные дискуссии, и мы хотим, чтобы о них услышали. mientras hagan lo correcto. Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 15:04:31 Id: caa858 No. I think the last game I got excited for was Dragon Age 2 and that game has burned me hard. 21st September 2020, 23:09 è un covo di SJW mascherati da intellettuali, appena il tuo pensiero Apr 17, 2019 · Cyberpunk and other games wouldn't be affected anyway, since those policies only seem to apply to japanese/asian developers. 2020 12:22 J'ai désinstallé. Hee Ho's tweet - "TLOU2 came out insanely polished, with 0 broken promises, a bold and unique plot and its never defended by people Cyberpunk 2077 is riddled with broken promises, unfinished concepts, bugs bugs bugs everywhere, subpar visuals on consoles widely defended by an army of shills" Tanta pena dan los que imponen agenda como los que la contra-imponen. I just hate people like this. Espere só para ver o tópico oficial que liberaram lá agora. Пушек много, они приятно ощущаются, и каждый пользователь найдёт себе оружие по душе. Dec 08, 2020 · For the record, I expect CP2077 will be a fun game and I encourage people to check it out — if you like that sort of thing — regardless of its trans politics. They want representation, get it, but then complain because they can’t make their mangina deep enough or have enough ”folds” lol. jadi berupa key/code yang digunakan untuk meng-aktivasi game. And I wasn't' even talking about CP2077 specifically r/cyberpunkgame: Cyberpunk 2077 is a RELEASED "role-playing" video game developed by CD Projekt RED (CDPR) and published by CD Projekt S. Dosud byla odpověď vyloženě triviální, vždyť, přiznejme si, koho by zajímal Mixer. A. Bethesda usa até hoje a engine de morrowind (gamebryo) nos seus jogos. Dec 09, 2020 · Now he barely reviews anything he enjoys, while pumping out Star Trek Discovery reviews right after they air, among many other rotten SJW-laden crap. Hi guys, I'm a PC (laptop with NVIDIA 1050) gamer. History; Watch later; Popular Right Now; Liked videos; Best on FLash-player No mancillemos la grandeza de Cyberpunk 2077 porque unos SJW y lobbys izquierdistas quieran que un personaje femenino pueda tener romances con hombres "Mi hija, antes lesbiana a que se acueste con CP2077 vs RE 3 samt Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider 5 PS5/XSX-S förboknings bekräftelse tråd 4666 Cyberpunk 2077 - den omöjliga recensionen! 72 Ger vi inte spel en chans längre? 86 Härmed proklamerar jag 2021 som backloggens år! 40 "Det är som gjort för mig!" -JODANSE SJW, bye! - well! al tema. It kinda felt a bit 'check it - we gots money now'. “In 2077, what makes someone a criminal?” asks Keanu Reeves, out of character from his role as Johnny Silverhand, in one of the promotional trailers for Cyberpunk 2077. They are working overtime, but they are also being compensated for said overtime, as well as being able to put CP2077 on their CV, have a spot in the credits and the possibility of working on the next CDPR project, one of the most desirable studios at this time. I think a lot of people are just assuming that several of the reviewers are being negative on the game because of how representation is handled in the game, but the way I have taken some of those articles is "you can do better" which is a pretty common point of view in a lot of FH_Molissa 被外在SJW 2020-12-27 12:47:54 回覆 ivyli CP2077一樣在推出前被大量玩家期待,推出後卻因為大量bug Jörg Friedrich 🧡's tweet - "The CP2077 disaster makes me feel sad for everyone involved. Biggest surprises in gaming for 2020. So who knows. 12. I suspect the people who run CDPR are not right-wing, particularly, if at all. the Netrunner presentation) but also wants to eat it by talking about how bad or nefarious tech is (the repeated use of "profane"/"sacred" in interviews, the reveal trailer waaaay back when) and that's potentially really problematic. “Getting caught,” Reeves answers moments before the trailer cuts to a dazzling array of glittering neon skylines, flashing gunfire, and crowds of colorful characters. 2020 13:36:27 Dec 08, 2020 · Yeah I heard that stuff and well maybe all the extremely buggy BGS games might of been ok but I think its time we stop excusing them, that said if reviewers are getting a non Day 1 patch version of CP2077 well that skews how the game actually is. cuck sjw January 20th on thedonald. . Coming in at 50 minutes in length, the demo was as much a showcase of the game’s feature I loved TW3, I've even saved a little bit to play on next gen after hearing it will be patched, but I had my concerns about CP2077 due to the whole Keanu Reeves thing and the bizarre Twitter marketing with celebs. Followed up by TLOU Part 2. This is not the first time that a CD Projekt Red-affiliated Twitter account has I strongly suggest avoid Asscreed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077, they're all highly Pozzed SJW trashes. This is nonsense and completely misses the point. Zycie to nie tylko gry i tylko dwie gry z 2020 tak mnie Jun 14, 2019 · Our extensive E3 2019 games list is now complete, as the Los Angeles-based gaming convention is over, with a lot to show from Nintendo, Microsoft and Square Enix. >Memainkan gim barat yang dipasarkan untuk casuals dan SJW >>>/game/10206/993/ ก็หลายปัจจัย หลักๆคือ SSD มันถูกลงจนเอามาใส่ในโน๊ตบุ๊คทั่วไปได้ ถึงจะไม่ใช่ตัวเร็วมากก็ยังดีกว่า HDD หลายเท่า And taking offence on behalf of someone else like a SJW is truly pathetic. SJW will always find something to attack someone for anyway , they called Tim Allen a racist because when a guy interviewed him and Tom Hanks, they asked them about some game or something that black people tend to play and he didnt know about the game Aug 28, 2019 · 24k Likes, 403 Comments - Cyberpunk 2077 (@cyberpunkgame) on Instagram: “1st place in #CyberpunkCosplayContest qualifier on #gamescom2019 and first finalist!…” I knew CDProjectRed was going downhill with Witcher 3's DLC policy and SJW shit. Right? The whole shenanigan about the Haitian's and the weird ad in CP2077 was a thing for like two days when several gaming sites wrote about them, after that it died down and most of the hardcore "SJW" sites I visit barely registered it or talked about it. is/1Hkq7 https://archive. Their music reveal killed most, if not all, of my interest in it. gegara hype CP2077 jadi main lagi padahal udah tamat entah berapa kali sampai dapat semua ending. https://archive. is/qTECP >China pressures Japan to remove ROG and Hololive live broadcast https://archive. The point being after this game gets the most sales of any game this year and rave reviews from the user base, will anyone still visit their hate sites? Can't see why anyone would. Games like this rarely come out as just "good". Anybody can be whatever they want to be. I think it should be time to return to revealing a Top "Whichever-Number-That-Goes-In-Tens" list of my personal favourites. I admit, I was really surprised to hear the CP2077 game is leaning so hard into the humanity concept. Wenn Du meinst, dümmer gehts nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo eine Sira (oder ein anderer Sprachassistent) her ! „SJW Cancel Culture Upset Heulsusen Fraktion“ Ich denke CP2077 wird auf Stadia sehr gut laufen, da die Technik hinter Stadia hervorragend ist. CDPR je dosad uvijek maestralno izvodio "mesnate" i pamtljive priče i likove, vjerujem da će tako i nastaviti. In CP2077 fictional universe, body mods are considered a norm. Cyberpunk 2077 - Inherently Political News Comments. Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 19:52:18 Id: bda29e No. Uma casualização da franquia. Witcher 3, the game CDPR are known best for, that launched on PC, was a buggy mess to put it lightly A female protagonist such as Metroid is okay because the fact that she is a female is irrelevant to the story. 08 KB, 828x1792, F02FFBC1-895F-4719-BC3A-B83887… Aug 21, 2018 · That's pretty much what sjw is used for, though: to argue that caring about things is dumb, that either the problems people complain about are imaginary or something they brought on themselves, and that low-key bigotry is normal and ok. Look at her reviews. Any game that shows a woman overpowering multiple men is clearly pushing a political agenda. #44 Jan 20, 2020 Oct 25, 2019 · Je budoucnost na Twitchi, nebo na Mixeru? To je otázka, kterou si pokládá jak spousta hráčů, tak spousta autorů obsahu. Jun 20, 2017 · Call of Duty: WWII finds itself in an awkward position in this day and age. vlastne mi prijde dobre, ze se tyhle debaty vyprovokovaly a objevuji se komplexnejsi nazory nez polygon virtue signalling vs 4chan anti-sjw chuds malding. Just- the cognitive dissonance of it all (for the record cp2077 is a bad, buggy scrote game) Anonymous 12/19/20 (Sat) 02:31:48 PM No. This does not seem to be reflected in the new CP2077 creation screen. The series itself has plunged headfirst into gung-ho, oftentimes ridiculous territory, with jetpacks, licensed guns and Witcher 3 is good. Series x will be my first console. Очередная тупая дрисня от убисофта, скучный геймплей, кривая стрельба, дебильные квесты, sjw повестки и все эта ссанина с сблевом замазывается вонючим донатным магазином, итого имеем - тупое Dec 10, 2020 · Usually, people tend to say that 1st person perspective is way more immersive than 3rd person because it is closer to reality and things like that. CP2077 looks like it will derive heavily from 2020 (even maybe just directly shifting the timeline), and they have Pondsmith on board as a creative. Game yang dijual 100% original hanya saja untuk mendapatkan file game kita diharuskan download dari situs website atau klien masing-masing game. ludnica. I think they make a valid point though, CDPR is basically playing the controversy up by catering to people who will answer their rally cry no matter what the game is like. Yet the discussion about the "outrage" against CP2077 is still going strong. Fenrir00 11. Jun 19, 2019 · CP2077 will be about you saving yourself and not about saving the world. Sep 12, 2020 · Lui punta a girovagare per Night City a cazzeggio, esattamente nello stesso modo in cui ha giocato a RDR2. Sure you don't like witcher series that's valid assuming you've actually played the game rather than just watching a few gameplay videos like you've done with CP2077. ) The rulebook is a whopping $5; that's stupid-good value for a complete ready-to-go tabletop RPG capable of giving you the D&D sort of experience you want without funding WOTC or Paizo's SJW cancer. it’s ironic that the sjw outrage crew would have had less of a problem with the game if they just didn’t let you make a trans character at all. Prevest uspesnou firmu na akciovku je podstate stroj na penize pro puvodni vlastniky, ale pak uz se samozrejme resi i kam fouka virt. 08 KB, 828x1792, F02FFBC1-895F-4719-BC3A-B83887… В 2020 году после tlou вы будете цепляться к любой популярной игре, за sjw повестку в КИБЕРПАНКЕ, за баги которые есть в том же ассасине и которые реально ломают игру, за физику машины в rpg, и прочее. Everyone thought they were getting Witcher 3 but in the future with implants and that is why everyone thought it was based. Gameplay feels so fast and is becoming more of a cod than it should. " How do these people get out of bed in the morning. her eğilime vs saygılıyım ve kimin ne olduğu umrumda değil ama ben erkeğim ve erkek seçmek istiyorum abi şaka mısınız. Sep 22, 2020 · I don't think we'll get subway fast travel as the signpost system from TW3 is being replicated with city maps, but it's possible we could take transportation to whenever the new DLC locations are - TW3 DLC's expanded the base map, then added a completely new region. Perhaps sparked by the transphobic joke made by the game’s Twitter account, many online have been calling out 2077 for presenting yet another future that, despite its overt themes of transhumanism and body modification, falls strictly into the gender binary. ph/cA4zi Something feels off with this game. Especially since it still puts off this cynical grimdark aesthetic for cynical grimdark gamers. com) » STEM: Good news: Study finds the galaxy may be filled with alien civilizations. There‘s a lot to be mad about, shame a ton of people seem to only care about “wokeness” or the possibility a character might be trans. Oct 16, 2020 #116 This needs to be prefacing the OT for CP2077, because All of those except the Moxies were already in Cyberpunk 2020. es como ese odio visceral a Ubisoft. 2020 v 19. SerotoNiN and LocoDiceGR like this. به همین دلیل منتقدان نقد‌های اولیه و نظرات خود در رابطه با تجربه‌ی ۱۰ Steam/Origin/Uplay adalah portal website penjualan game original berbentuk digital. It was a polarising game mostly because it contained elements that got identified and labelled as SJW so the culture warriors could swoop in I loved TW3, I've even saved a little bit to play on next gen after hearing it will be patched, but I had my concerns about CP2077 due to the whole Keanu Reeves thing and the bizarre Twitter marketing with celebs. Also another lol Dec 15, 2015 · Still no new screenshot or gameplay video nothing, just we fixing and polishing the game bla bla bla bla, many are piss about this. Since the release of that game, every game that has been released that I was slightly excited for either didn't deliver, was alright meaning it wasn't that disappointing, or it turned out as bad as I imagine it would have been. abi cinsiyet secememek ne ya. PeepingTom, 19/10/20 Then it complains how the game is allegedly transphobic because it "objectifies trans bodies", a statement solely based on one poster in the game that made the rounds trough the Twitter-outrage-sphere a while ago, while completely missing how in the CP2077 world pretty much everything is commodified down to peoples memories and their individual Most sokan rávágnák, hogy CP2077, de nem, bár az se volt mindaz amit reméltem, messze nem az okozta a legnagyobb csalódást számomra ebben az évben. Dec 18, 2020 · And no, this isn’t about the game’s actual performance. Tất nhiên vẫn phải chờ thêm review, điểm có thể xê dịch. Méghogy "remaster" egy fércmunka, amit szerintem gyakornonokok csináltak a szabadidejükben. How do they not understand that just because something happens in a piece of fiction does not mean it is an endorsement of said thing? They're that close to call us SJW, I swear Persephone. It was a polarising game mostly because it contained elements that got identified and labelled as SJW so the culture warriors could swoop in A Forum of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Dec 11, 2020 · CP2077 will be in most of the reward categories. Joer me hago una V y mejor la pongo un habito de monja Sobre el tema de los bugs que comento. Others plan they time off from work just for CP2077. And a 7 is a rather shockingly low score given the hype that cp2077 had amassed. So yeah, Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t unplayable on PS4 or Xbox One. Jörg Friedrich 🧡's tweet - "The CP2077 disaster makes me feel sad for everyone involved. 51. Nov 12, 2020 · Zaten CP2077 de ertelenince güçlü bir rakibi kalmamıştı karşısında, ödülü çok net alacağı belliydi. And I imagine CP2077 will sell a lot better than WD. However I heavily disagree with you on Tomb Raider. I mean, we’ve seen games running worse in PS3 and Xbox 360. What they pushed is ASAP Rocky and Grimes. There's an excess of pubic hairstyles, but they're low-quality, low-impact, and easy to implement. Also, if you haven't grokked that cyberpunk -- the genre and the game -- always was multicultural, filled to the brim with queers, stronk women street warriors, crystal meth fueled gay orgies, and a massive anticapitalist, environmentalist subtext, you're either dumb as a barrel of rocks or completely unfamiliar with it. Ausserdem haben sie da ein gutes Angebot Pour CP2077, on voit passer des défauts type l'IA ou la conduite mais j'essaie de me rappeler un open-world avec une bonne IA ou une conduite correcte, je n'en vois pas (hors jeux spécialisés du genre). . Bunların ödüllerini kim takar, tamamen oyuncuların seçimiyle belirlenen kategoride neyin kaliteli olduğu çıktı zaten ortaya. That, and Witcher 3 had sex scenes in that game, so it's no surprise if we see this level of mature content in CP2077. Cơ bản đám SJW của một số trang như Polygon thích chửi mấy vụ liên quan tới LGBG+ nên cho điểm thấp vl Btw, điểm trung bình OpenCritic của CP2077 hiện tại gần bằng Witcher 3. It cripples your SJW narrative to face that fact, but it really is, at least in terms of the way things used to be. Hola me baje el source filmmaker para hacer algunas poses con algunas de mis Heroínas favoritas de video juegos . Fucking bitter dykes just run Yes, sjw want representation in video games but only if it paints underrepresented groups in the kindest possible light. About relations and romance it was said that some people are straight, some are bi and some "SJW-style surface level “diversity” wasn’t a priority in 2000. Oct 25, 2017 1,900. CP2077 is hardly the first game to market itself primarily to the most toxic part of gaming culture -- but I think the article is correct in saying what's notable is how successful it is has been. Witcher 3 was a great game and I expect CDPR will make something cool. TW3 fue un juegazo y su trato al consumidor perfecto. Nem, a játék ami engem hidegzuhanyként ért az a Command & Conquer: Remastered Colletcion. SJW's can fly off a cliff. You could play a game in which you had to say play as Elmer Fudd shooting Bin laden over and over again but also do Karaoke with Saddam Hussein in a tutu while George Bush was grilling burgers in the background. Their games have all been hugely successful, and they have avoided a lot of the problems faced by other franchises and companies. On the FFXV board, both sides were being overly fanboyish and trollish at the same time but were keeping it all in check and balancing each other out. Hun unngikk mye av spillmekanismene CP2077 har å by på. 45 KB 679x963 smug yuuko. And CDPR stated the CP2077 DLC's would have more content than that. 697555 File: 1608388308115. Ich denke CP2077 wird auf Stadia sehr gut laufen, da die Technik hinter Stadia hervorragend ist. By the way Witcher 3 had a bit of SJW influence but it was not big enough to be noticed. Zycie to nie tylko gry i tylko dwie gry z 2020 tak mnie В cp2077 на удивление толковая боевая система (если учесть, что это не чистокровный экшен). Pada dasarnya isi atau konten game sama dengan game fisik. Jan 16, 2015 · Usually when we see a game that has an excellent meta score but terrible user score it’s a concerted effort by anti-SJW types (who are really SJWs themselves) trying to bomb the score for something they don’t like because it has a gay character in it or something like that. As much as many likes to ridicule "woke culture" and "SJW's", they fall faster than lemmings over a cliff for the exact type of ideology presented from the other side. Bah les deux trois tests qui sont déçus du jeu émanent de sjw CP2077 apenas este arreglado será un juegazo, lo han hecho bastante mal pero lo van a arreglar. All the left wing SJW hate sites are literally going nuts and at the same time killing their own sites off with this hate campaign against CP2077. tv Like + Subscribe + turn the notification bell on to be notified Oct 19, 2020 · Mate if you've somehow played the game and didn't like it, fair enough that's a valid opinion. Haven't finished CP2077; waiting for the game to be more stable and bug free. What a bunch of politically-correct, SJW-ridden, keyboard warrior snowflakes. A Forum of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Sau mấy thằng SJW lại đi chửi hắn. Just PreOrdered CP2077 Anonymous 10/15/20(Thu)18:21:31 No. Whether or not it's effective is the question, but we shouldn't just dismiss stuff as "pandering" if there's legitimate concerns over how a game portrays themes. win when Trump shrugs his shoulders and walks off like the loser that he is is going to be the greatest day in internet history. The SJW nonsense is a childish argument when ppl have no way to argue their points or their argument is just nonsensical. CP2077 is well known for rampant LGBT pandering and propaganda (hence the nickname Cybertranny 2077), they even force player to accept some bullsh*t tran*y flag sticker on your car, you can't remove it once the quest is finished, search "CP2077 tran*y truck" meme if you want o know more, not GameSpot 7/10 I somehow guessed the reviewer was an sjw feminazi cunt. Ugh I hope it isn't filled with SJW nonsense. I get the sense that CDPR is intentionally subverting the subtext & meaning of the Cyberpunk universe -- in that these augmentations are bad Cyberpunk 2077 Sukces i "kontrowersje" - Wspierajmy CDPR i kupujmy CP2077. Dec 09, 2020 · SJW pandering or people are just saying things that you agree with? People have different views and mindsets when judging a game or a piece of media. a takovy firmy ztraci sebekontrolu a vsechno je podrizeno PR a investorum, coz jde velmi tezko dohromady s nejakou kreativni praci. Aug 01, 2019 · Also ich habe auch kein Problem damit für ein Spiel wie CP2077 60 oder 70 Euro zu zahlen. אבל סאונדטראק אין פה בכלל כמעט תחרות אם לומר את האמת רק 2 משחקים (לדעתי A Knights of the Old Republic harmadik felvonását rebesgető vagy cáfoló pletykák mostanában szinte hetente váltják egymást, így érdemes fenntartással kezelni őket. That it is the Polish equivalent to Death Stranding celebrity chasing, as opposed to دیگر زمان زیادی به انتشار بازی محبوب و مورد انتظار Anthem باقی نمانده است. Hun ble irritert når karakterer kontaktet henne når de hadde en ny bil hun kunne anskaffe seg "I got a free car, I don't want to buy a new one", dermed holdt seg til den første bilen hun fikk som er den gamle Corolla lignende bilen. Après les bugs, on verra bien si c'est gênant mais c'est aussi dans une certaine mesure le lot de la plupart des open-world dayone. 44 MB 640x480 LOL. Not only that, but Bethesda’s games had the same number of bugs as CP2077 has. Such sjw decline. So people hyping it up to where they’re calling today a “post Witcher 3 world” is presumptuous. 5k members in the GamerGhazi community. defacto tady snajpuju az prilis Alguns dos tópicos mais movimentados no SJW Era agora: "Cyberpunk 2077 reviews that highlight the transphobia issues" "CDPR is a transphobic company. Na pohybel SJW i innym. as usual, the ubisoft game is poorly optimized and polished, waiting screens are horrible and long. A Skywalker-saga lezártával ismét (Hardcover, as it's via Lulu, is more expensive and takes longer but you'll get more options. To put it lightly he went Derek Smart on backers and then doesn't understand where the anger is coming from. The official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account courted controversy today after a tweet that some considered transphobic. از همین روی منتقدان نیز در حال تجربه‌ی این بازی هستند. ) State Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network. Fajtłapy - przez te ciągłe zapewnianie, że będzie genderowo, grzecznie itp - raczej CP2077 nie kupię :( Ciekawi mnie natomiast, jak duża jest fanbasa SJW w takich grach. Remember how the developers purposely pummeled every female with the cave troll stick but left every guy as basically a GQ model. moći će se vjerojatno svakakvi pridjevi vezati za CP2077, ali "prazan" i "mlak" teško da su neki od njih. Amargados de la vida que jamas van a disfrutar de nada pues van a ver machismo, agenda o lo que sea en todo producto que no case 100% con sus extremos ideales. Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Cyberpunk 2077 — an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. Of course there will be bugs in general now when you upscale the sheer volume of data in play. the characters lack soul and although the concept of the game is very good, the development is disastrous, I have played 3 hours and I feel that the story is dust, it is a pity that ubi does not know when to stop exploiting his sagas. ako ne promjene verziju denuva, možemo na dan izlaska, ili dan poslije, očekivati i AC Vallhalu, Watch Dogs Legion i CP2077 (mada mislim da CP2077 i nema denuvo zaštitu) Sljedeća igra je vjerovatno Call of Duty, prošlogodišnji Я думаю, игра многим зайдет и полюбится. That said, I still assume it'll be a financial success. Now THAT is the Mass Effect Andromeda influence. frankly the best thing about the game is the setting. Ist doch völlig in Ordnung. The latest tweets from @CyberpunkGame If CP2077 has never had this option or if it can be removed this easily, then it's quite likely that the game wasn't really made to react different genders and that the gender option in character creation was only cosmetic anyway, an option to choose a different skin basically. Jun 18, 2018 · I do wonder if there is a reviewer that has a big enough hateboner for CP2077 (and probably a massive loveboner for games like TLOU2) to rate it something like 0/10, and saying something stupid like "Even Action 52 and Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing are better than this!". Made by Japanese devs who don't give a shit about SJW crap. Moving on This is the classic self-righteous SJW case of "character does something bad therefore creators must agree with bad thing. Sep 15, 2018 · BF 1 doesnt feel like ww 1, and BF V doesnt feel like ww 2… whole SJW crap doesnt help either. Schaun wir mal was in CP2077 alles "gehen" wird. Sad for the developers who worked their asses off, promised they would be heroes, sad for players who had expected too much and I feel even sad for the management who made the choices that led to this. Was die Preisdiskussion im Allgemeinen angeht. souls remake de yedi, cod'da da aynı olay, wd legion keza insan tiplemeleriyle öyle şimdi de cp2077. ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Twitch removes PogChamp emote over Gootecks "encouraging further violence" by suggesting "civil unrest" over Capitol protestor shot by police https://archive. That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of their being an established source from which they were working. gerçekten şu sjw'nin b*ku çıktı. If we are to believe the rumors they had some serious problems (mismanagement) I agree, but as a consumer, I really don't give a fuck. But beyond having better than average writing I find it to be your typical open worlder. Reply With Quote 2020-12-25, 04:43 PM #4472 I have seen their interviews about the camera, that was the most asked question from streams and CP2077 forum. udostępnij 恰巧,CP2077就是在講述大企業與小蝦米間的愛恨情仇... 導致tlou2風評直下的原因就只是大眾開始厭倦sjw,白目編劇和 Mie choć CP2077 zachwyca i dla mnie to gra na 10 to spędzam w nim średnio około 2h dziennie (w tygodniu 1-2h w weekendy po 3-3,5h). Night city is a typical futuristic cyberpunk city, with a lot of diversity (Latino, Asian, etc) You can basically see the diversity in the trailer as well. Dec 03, 2016 · It‘s not just anti-sjw types mad about this game but an annoying amount of them have been flooding my Youtube recs anytime I look up anything related to the game. Drugs and more than likely sex as well since this is a very mature based game. 29. CP2077 is a powder keg ready to blow. Sep 03, 2018 · So since Polish developers CD Project Red is almost done with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (still one last expansion is left for 2016) and starts focusing it’s team on their new game called Cyberpunk 2077 - it is time for … Fringillan rotu on muutettu, mutta on tuo nyt jotenkin perusteltavissa. Dec 23, 2020 · Even though it's a complete remake, I'm going with Demon's Souls on PS5. "cinsiyet yok beden tipi var" aynı b*ku d. cp2077 sjw

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