kylo ren imagines masterlist He was filled with conflicting hate, while you were a ball of negativity. Kylo Ren will get the information he needs from you, even if he has to find every one of your ASMR triggers. Kylo Ren Masterlist (1) Imagine encouraging Kylo when he’s in doubt about his dedication to the dark side. Promise. TRUE BLOOD. Kylo Ren Masterlist:“LONELY- How utterly unruly is is to lust after your ultimate superior? It is not as unfortunate as you foretold. Request an imagine and I'll be sure to get to it as soon as possible. - Imagine Kylo playing with your daughter. The last thing you actually do is bathe. When you realize how bad of an idea that was, to begin with. Originally posted by nikkinotions Originally posted by thegameofnerds ————— You’d finally finished it. 2. His Wife hates you. Until Kylo Ren steps in and finds the pilots weak spot. original trilogy. Trigger Warnings: None for this one. You weren’t ready, yet you still stepped off your ship and onto the base, striding Aug 18, 2020 · Running Out of Time (AU Series) For Masterlist/Calendar: Click here! Star Wars: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo: Mr. WAIT. One last strike fell with the might of a bomb. You still have a #kylo ren x reader #ben solo x reader #star wars #star wars x reader #kylo ren imagine #ben solo imagine #kylo ren #kylo ren x you #ben solo x you #luke skywalker #luke skywalker x reader #adam driver #adam driver x reader #mark hamill #kylo ren x y/n More you might like Jan 23, 2020 · The men all seemed to freeze up. Send me a message if you want to be included in the tag list on individual chapters! Happy reading :) Prologue. Marvel Masterlist. Kylo Ren seeing you after he thought you were dying. You take turns washing one another’s hair and you have a way of doing it that puts Kylo into almost a trance. Imagine being Poe’s sibling and force sensitive, and going to the dark side with Kylo Ren. Kylo watched bitterly, as the General flirted so openly with you, knowing full well that he was in the room , quickly thinking up a million ways of killing him - preferably, as agonisingly painful as possible. Originally posted by kylolylolylo. Requests open! ( This is a long list and if I forgot anyone, let me know ) Originally posted by stark-wolfspectrum. You grew up being a Togruta. Kylo Ren First Kiss. A night in another sleazy cantina full of more seedy characters was not what you wanted nor how you wished to spend your evening, but Din had been promised information on the whereabouts of another Mandalorian, and so you found yourself seated in the very back of the room with the Child while he worked. Against the Odds-(Kylo Ren)-a short drabble that concludes the life of Kylo Ren and (Y/N) Ren. Sicario: Day of the Soldado ˗ˏˋMatt Graverˎˊ˗ 01. Arrangement-(Kylo Ren) - What will happen when (Y/N), the Queen of Nibiri, is forced into an arranged marriage with the terrifying Kylo Ren? Will they get along Kylo Ren Masterlist. One shots: - Simple Tattoo _____ —————————————————————————————————-STAR WARS Kylo Ren x Reader. You walked out from the bathroom in a robe, " Yes baby ". A gentle breeze ruffled the hair at the back of your neck and sent a shiver up your spine. TAGGED: #Kylo #ren #kylo ren #kylo x reader #imagine #fic #one shot #drabble #angst #fluff #kylo/reader #adam driver #imagines #drabbles #preference #star wars #the force awakens #kylo imagine #kylo ren head canon #when you're hurt Master List . You loved the idea of being able to wield a lightsaber, to be able to manipulate the force to your every whim. Genre: Angst. I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so just thought I’d get it off my chest ^^ Warnings: Intimacy, sexual themes. A fangirl who writes when she's bored. MASTERLIST Fictions: - Last grey jedi (Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren x Reader) - All parts! - The Wolf ( Werewolf! kylo Ren x Reader AU) - All Parts! Imagines: Kylo Ren (Some with mention of Ben Solo): Requested: Never again . Eggsy Unwin kylo ren kylo ren imagine kylo ren au knight au star wars headcanons star wars general hux ben solo ben solo imagine star wars au kylo ren aesthetic my stuff 2,867 notes Mar 13th, 2017 Featuring: Kylo Ren Warnings: none Author: @hollyxxcxx1996 AN: Day day 4 of my 30 days of writing challenge. He never shows vulnerability, he even tries to avoid showing it to you, so all his repressed emotions for you, about you, they bubble up from the bottom of his soul and articulate themselves through your shared kisses– your most intimate moments. Nov 12, 2017 · Kylo Ren #24: Imagine seeing Kylo Ren, your first love, on the battlefield on Takodana. Until… Kylo Ren, employs you to fix something within his chambers. pedro pascal characters din djarin maxwell lord oberyn martell javier peña jack daniels/agent whiskey francisco ‘catfish’ morales marcus moreno . Jan 07, 2020 · Appreciated Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Reader x Bill Weasley Warnings: none Request: Could you write an imagine for Bill Weasley with the song “Appreciated” by Rixton, please? series masterlist . sorry if this is kinda bad but i usually don’t do Male!reader but there is a first time for everything. Viola or Sebastian (Matt the Radar Technician) Spark (Poe x Reader x Kylo Ren) Seeing Ren Writes — renlauwrites masterlist. Brooke Maddox. *I WILL TRY TO POST AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, BUT IT WILL VARY DEPENDING ON MY SCHEDULE* Masterlist The Portrait - Kylo Ren ️ 11th December ️ Fandom: Star Wars Warnings: None A/N: This is short but sweet. ” you said faintly, your eyes widening in fear. I’ve Missed You. A/n: I wrote this back in march, thought I’d share it with you guys!~ She stood by the entrance of the large cargo bay, her (e/c) orbs watching as First Order ships were taking off, traveling to exciting worlds and exotic places she’d never seen. The transparent windows show a perpetual night, constellations coming and going as the Finalizer cruised on its course. * #36: Imagine taking your revenge on Kylo Ren. This only causes problems between the two of you. -Imagine Kylo secretly watching over you. Reader is a member of the elite force of dark side wielders known as The Knights of Ren, being the only female in the powerful group of seven – she’s been fighting by her superior Kylo Ren’s side for what seems like ages now. Some mentions of violence, love, kisses, hugs. But that was easier said than done, to put it simply. Feelings Part One Part Two. 00/h “job”. Legacies - Posie. You were Snoke’s new apprentice, training along side Kylo. Explaining To Do. COVER | kylo ren [MASTERLIST] you are an intern at the resistance magazines. Lucifer. Chapter One. Kylo Ren killed Snoke and took over the power as Supreme Leader. A/N: I’m going to do one more part, and then a Light + Dark ending. Greek Myth Retelling - Hades x Persephone. 3k > TAGLIST IS OPEN :D if you want to know when the next chapters come out, ask me to be add in the taglist. Being Kylo’s girlfriend but his focus is on Rey instead; Kylo seeing you snap at stormtroopers who were disrespecting you TV Shows/Movie Masterlist. ” One of Us “Ben. When you’d thought of ideas on what to get Here you will find Kylo Ren, Ben Solo and Matt the radar technician imagines. Imagine: You get kidnapped by Kylo Ren (Part 1). Steve Harrington. she had somehow found a way to use the force to incapacitate him, as he stand frozen and unmoving. masterlist chicago med chicago pd chicago fire timeless fear the walking dead kingsman narcos stranger things star wars marvel captain america iron man spider-man guardians of the galaxy mission: impossible 9-1-1 prodigal son Jan 07, 2018 · # matt the radar techician imagine # matt solo # reylo # kylo x rey # kylo trash # kylo ren # ben solo # ben solo imagine # kylo ren imagine # star wars imagine # star wars # star wars meme # I stole this from Pinterest # matt solo imagine # rey from jakku; 3,204 notes I remember getting anonymous insults for writing for Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp during the time he was accused of abuse. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: KYLO REN. Evanescent. Warnings: Masturbation . Kylo Ren is so obsessed with Darth Vader that similarly sacrificing himself to find redemption would be an apropos way to proceed. It’ll be a lot easier for me, and you get something fluffy enough for you, (and I’m terrible at coming up with these) :) I know that most people always say Imagines when they mean those with gifs, but sometimes it’s longer texts and when Reader unexpectedly is saved by Shigaraki. The Last Known Jedi(angst, character death) Poe Dameron . new masterlist | request | prompt list. Kylo Ren; The Way I love you ; Give Me a Reason; Kidnapped; Happy Birthday; You’re everything I want and I am everything you need; 1 Month +18 (Zay) My Demons; Valentine’s Day Photoshoot; You Are Mine; Make him cry; Two Goals, Two Months; Hometown; Watching The Walking Dead ; Cuddle & Chocolates; Our Wedding Day; Love Ink; Met Gala; Ibrahimović Vs. Masterlist. So naturally Lucifer is the typical attractive male monster ala Loki, Kylo Ren or any random CW character and we are supposed to ignore all the murder, pain and violence he causes because deep down inside he is sensitive right? Nope. [GN] [Master-list] Not my GIFsKylo-Ren: *to Poe as he tortures him* do you know, it didn’t take long for me to persuade Y/N to join the dark side, I wonder if your mind is as easy to manipulate. Ben!Roger Taylor . kitkat6435 Note: Hi y’all this is the beginning of a series, I’m not sure how long it will be but remember, I’m doing 31 days. Star Wars Headcannons: Kylo Ren . One day you find yourself in a restricted section of the ship and run into the famous Kylo Ren. Her berry flavored chapstick had all but evaporated, she could only taste Request: “Can you make a Kylo Ren imagine, where his lover finds out she’s pregnant. Summary: Kylo is always jealous of Hux. masterlist. You groaned and rolled over to face the open window, glaring out at the night sky. Unexpected misery. A Break in Routine Masterlist. Your life was pretty repetitive: get up at 05:00 sharp, spend an hour preparing yourself for the day, report to General Hux’s office at 06:30, go over new designs and show him your new models for the next hour and a half, think up new ideas and test theories in your workspace for four hours, eating lunch in the commons with Tim Get more free themes & plugins. Kylo’s body stiffened as he got closer to you before he removed his mask. Anger Misdirection; You’re Dark; Linked; Gray; True Love; Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. The Show Must Go On. Barry x Jesse • Supernatural. One day, after an argument with Kylo, she storms off and things get worse when Hux begins to insult her. * Outlaw!Kylo Ren x Reader . General Hux/Armitage: Enthralled (Request) The Bet May 15, 2017 · She’s No Angel Master list Matt, a mere radar technician, seems to enjoy bullying and pushing the much-beloved reader to the edge. Kylo Ren: Games : Kylo had Storm Troopers following you around to keep you safe, but when you’ve had enough and you decide to play a little game on them and Kylo to teach him a lesson. 06. “You don’t have to like it. Feel free to ask! Created 04/02/14 - DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS PLEASE! For Kylo Ren, a Commander of the First Order, Master of the Knights of Ren, was blushing. You had been in a deep sleep for many hours, but as you began to wake the memories of last night started flooding in. The Umbrella Academy ˗ˏˋFive Hargreevesˎˊ˗ 01. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Though, your tribe never gave you the feeling you belonged with them. 3-(Kylo Ren) Characters: Leia Organa, Supreme Leader Snoke, Han Solo, Kylo Ren and (Y/N). UPDATE: This fic is on hiatus, thank you to everyone for reading! Chapters will be added as and when they are uploaded to Tumblr. Training was your least favorite activity. Happily Ever After. Kiss Prompt Masterlist: Based off of prompts from THIS post. Emo Kylo Ren @KyloR3n. It must’ve been close to dawn, and the world outside was silent as the grave. Goodbye Love 1 2 . Originally posted by thewafflen. You were Kylo Ren’s beloved girlfriend. You both were deeply in love and couldn't keep your hands off each other. It turned out… differently. Y/N POV. And the way he mocked him about this, was unbearable, “He knows about us, the only way to make him shut up is to bury him inside of a hole!” “I want to see him dead too, but you can’t do it this way, you’ll get yourself killed”, you talked back to him. Mother’s Day. - Imagine comforting Kylo. Younger Reader Headcanons. Requested “This would be better if you weren’t wearing any clothes” Warnings: Smutttt. Kylo Ren/General Hux/Captain Phasma (ocasionally) x Reader: Let’s throw a dice. ALSO ONE LAST THING. ” - Series Knights of the Ren Table. Kylo Ren’s son becoming frustrated and reacting like his father. #kylo ren imagine #kylo imagine #trash bf #star wars imagine #sw imagine #tfa imagine #the force awakens imagine. Words: 3,249. TRIANGLE (kylux x reader Master List | Commision Info # kylo ren # charlie barber # marriage story charlie barber # adam driver tasteful-kylo liked this A comprehensive masterlist of all of my fanfictions to date! Many of these links will take you through to my fandom-specific masterlists. – Kylo Ren couldn’t feel any remorse for the man, as the lightsaber dug into his flesh, burning and bleeding the further it pushed in. Author’s Note: I need to write other than Newt Scamander imagines. Feel free to drop me an ask or message anytime about anything My main account is: @Fandom-Obsessed-Girl •Instagram• •Twitter• Jun 17, 2020 · Kylo Ren Fluff Alphabet (Part 1) This is the first part of this alphabet, you can find here the second part. Originally posted by imagination Imagines. When he was with you, he was never Kylo Ren, he was always the Ben Solo you knew and came to love. Her next target: Emperor Kylo Ren. I mean if you’re going to read one chapter of the first series, than at last read the last chapter of the second series. First Mission. LISTEN UP. I know what you are thinking. Pieces of You. Imagine: You and Kylo have a day off Mar 18, 2018 · Kylo ren x Reader. Star Wars Imagines. Everything was perfect. Kylo’s POV. But little does he know, she’s going to throw his life into a Jan 28, 2017 · “Kylo Ren. 6K. Masterlist including Star Wars. Life ain’t too easy for a woman, ‘specially not a woman on the run like you. Armitage Hux: Because the world is saved | On a place of insecurity | Out of Love | Out of envy or jealousy / forcefully | Kylo Ren: Where it doesn’t hurt | As a promise | On a scar | Out of Anger | Ben Solo: In a rush of adrenaline | Clyde Logan: Out of envy or jealousy | Flip Imagines Masterlist Teen Wolf: Nogitsune: Attention Changing First Propose Heal Seeing Double Revenge Bored Hidden Only Anonymous said: “Get behind me NOW” Reader x Kylo Ren pls Answer: “Pairing: Reader x Kylo Ren. also ouch my heart :( not sure if I like this. Paterson & Paul Sevier Masterlist . Just… Amazing. Pairings: Kylo Ren x Reader Request: hello!! i wanted to request a kylo oneshot, where the character is a bounty hunter that he’s forced to work alongside and both she and him have a hatred towards each other and then during the opening scene of force awakens he sees her in action and how ruthless she can be has a newfound attraction towards her Kylo- You skin was still tainted from all the love marks of the previous night, you and Kylo have been at it for such a long time now. Your first best friend, your first lover and your first Boyfriend; Ben Solo. You had lost complete control of your body. 07. Guiding Light. Tickles. Spam Blog // Ko-Fi // Masterlist // Fic Rec Blog //Wattpad Posted 2 years ago with 55 notes Tagged with kylo ren kylo ren x reader adam driver star wars kylo ren imagine kylo x reader ben solo kylo ren x you kylo ren smut ben solo x reader clyde logan flip zimmerman adam sackler adam driver fanfiction star wars 9 the last jedi the force awakens Jan 25, 2016 · Imagine talking to Lord Ren right after your promotion. A/N: Moony’s actual first fanfiction for this blog c: also i actually like how this came out? eh it’s probably bc i’m #1 kylo trash- soo Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader Warnings: i don’t really see any Words: 731 Request: “ Can you do a oneshot where it’s the readers birthday? I cant decide if Poe, Boba, Hux Phase Two of Yn’s Trials . Carry Me. That is, until the Jedi Temple was burned by Ben himself. Kylo Ren x reader. Evil Russians. Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader. Imagine MASTERLIST————FANDOMS LIST. Always Been You. Good or Else. <— Part 3 Here! / Part 5 Here!(Last Part)—> . American Horror Story Gif Imagine: Tate Langdon . His hair was still long, just as it always had been. Kylo Ren Headcanons Disguises Stay Alive. word count: 1. Wynnsa has been given the honor of exterminating elite members of the First Order, wearing a mask and outfit to keep her identity hidden to possible Jedi hunters. All. Hello all my wonderful lovelies! Below, I have created a Master List to help you all navigate my blog better :) Enjoy… Kylo Ren Imagines. will you be able to finish the project? [ONGOING] CHAPTER i Apr 28, 2019 · Kylo Ren: - “Shut your steve rogers x reader star wars imagine bts imagines kylo ren x reader imagines kylo ren imagine masterlist avengers steve rogers star Jul 06, 2016 · birthdays. Taystee. STAR WARS. Ezra • Shadowhunters. Poe Dameron: Strange Love. Imagine demanding Kylo to use the Force on you because he doesn’t want to believe you actually care for him. Imagine: After Kylo kills Snoke…. Working with Him . I hope you guys will enjoy them and they aren’t total trash. Ren Writes. It gives him a renewed sense of being. Anakin Skywalker Imagines Oct 12, 2018 · #kylo ren #kylo x reader #kylo ren imagine #kylo ren x reader #kylo ren one shot #kylo ren fanfic #kylo ren masterlist #masterlist #imagine #star wars 12 October 2018 251 notes #kylo ren #kylo ren x reader #kylo ren imagine #kylo x reader #kylo #star wars #star wars imagine #ben solo x reader #masterlist #kylo x you #Star wars soulmate au #first order #sw first order imagine #ben solo #a soul to mend his own Kylo Ren X Reader: Speak To Me {Masterlist | In Progress} Summary: After the wretched fight with Snoke, Kylo is able to heal you back to health at the cost of his own life. Jan 07, 2016 · This is just a short Kylo Ren x Reader ficlet. Frankenteen // Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader Summary: Reader and Masterlist! Summary: Reader and Kylo have been friends since their early days, and have recently succumbed to their feelings and started to see each other. 5 k. Call Me By Your Name. She just needed to remember the good times and see that there still would be good times. I will say I do agree with some of what is being said, but I will not beg on each part I write fo you to reblog my Can you write an imagine where Kylo and the reader where involved before he went to the dark side and Kylo finds out that the reader bore him a child(boy or girl) _____ Kylo Ren finally did it. Cup of Coffee. Dean Winchester. Can you do Kylo Ren x reader with the prompt “This will be the last time you lie to me. Fandom Imagines This is a page for imagines from various fandoms. No One Needs To Know. After the metal walls had been slashed up by my saber, I took a step back, trying to breathe. lets-imagine-fanfics:. Spoiled - You and Kylo’s son knows how to suck up to you. Fandom: Star Wars Warnings: THE LAST JEDI SPOILERS. 5 years pass since you last saw him and he isn’t the man you used to know. #aeaeae. Steve Rogers “Captain America” Tony Stark ”Iron Man” Bucky Barnes “Winter Anonymous: DUDE. kylo ren x reader. Barry Allen. Originally posted by darcyfitz. Time was not a thing that was easily deciphered in most ships, much less Kylo Ren’s quarters. Few People In This World (Eric Northman) WARRIOR Old Friend (Tommy Conlon)* XMEN Happy Birthday, Marie (Rogue) Ice Part One (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) Ice Part Two (NTW) * If You Could Read My Mind (Charles Xavier) If You Could Read My Mind pt 2 (Charles Xavier)* Lie to Me Sure! But could you send in a full request? like, for example: “kylo ren lending you his jacket when it gets cold even inside the death star”. ” “Black Diamond´s Story MASTERLIST. Tommy Shelby. ) I Feel It Too - She had been dreaming of him. Kylo Ren. you walk into the throne room. (smut) (fluff?) read it on ao3. Bruce Jan 21, 2016 · Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader (female) Words: 1774. The stormtroopers ran up, forming a semi circle behind you and raising their blasters at you. “IMAGINE: Training with Ben as Padawans, and he falls in love with you; after he becomes Kylo Ren, he scours the Galaxy to find you… [ Not my gifs] AN: This probably contains spoilers for TLJ ” Kylo Miscellaneous Masterlist Ben Solo / Kylo Ren • Being Obi Wan’s Grandchild and Being in Love with Ben Solo (Headcanon) • Imagine replacing Kylo Ren as the Palpatine’s New Padawan Dean Winchester • -Includes Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren. He took his helmet off and he smiled bringing your closer. Nov 24, 2017 · Rey x Kylo Ren/Ben Solo (You can follow me at @rileywrites-reylo for more content or to receive notifications for more reylo fics. Snoke wants to have an influence on your and Kylo’s son’s life. Imagine Taystee’s reaction when you finally say yes; THE Masterlist *Replies from @911buttercup Icon by @ kylo ren imagine ben solo imagine x male reader x male!reader male reader kylo ren x male reader kylo ren x male Dec 27, 2015 · Kylo Ren • Reign. Star Wars Imagines Riverdale Imagines 13 Reasons Why Imagines . Van der Wiel; Our last chance Reylo is the most toxic shit I’ve ever watched get romanticized and my story literally shows both Kylo and Rey being toxic to not only each other but to everyone else. Feb 12, 2016 · Off of the parks and Recs quote “So if you say no, i will start a fire in the bathroom”- Mona-Lisa Sapertein, with Kylo ren/ Matt. If there’s anything you want me to write, feel free to drop me a message, and I’m happy to take a look. A/N: Finally a Star Wars requested *heart eyes* Since I wrote this one I am in such a big Star Wars especially for Obi Wan and Kylo Ren. Finally, she turned her attention to Rey. “Where’s Poe, where is he?” you muttered under your breath, thrashing around. You counted the tally marks littering the walls of your cell aboard the Command Ship for the First Order. could be better. Masterlist . “Your head between my legs sounds good right now” 18. Pillow Fight. They stared at you with wide eyes as if wondering if it could be true. requested by: anon. Amazing. The Youngest Curtis (angst, comfort from the gang) Imagines #masterlist #american horror story #ahs #michael langdon #kylo ren #dallas winston #darry curtis #ponyboy curtis #johnny cade #sons of anarchy #victor criss #henry bowers #belch huggins #patrick hockstetter #SOA More you might like IMAGINE: Hux flirting with you, much to Kylo’s displeasure… [ Not my gifs ]. it really broke my heart, listening to all the evidence. Dorky Fairytale. Y/N Y/L/N. So recently, I got calls from the phone number, (937) 353-8319. Hey! Can I have a Kylo Ren x Reader nsfw? Reader were friends with Kylo but now they have a love/hate relationship since she helps the Resistance against the dark side. Helpless Part One Part Two Part Three Extras (Kylo x Reader x Hux) Lost. Holding On To You (Ben Solo AU) #11 - Don'r You Dare Throw That Snowba-, Goddammit!“ #49 – “Well… This is awkward…” Like Father, Like Son - Part (2) Birthdays. can’t find the request for this but it basically asked for Wally dating a male reader would include. Kylo Ren: Broken Home - Part (6. Rising From the Ashes . Feedback welcome! Posts; Requests, questions, and ships. Dinner. Words: 700. Mixed Emotions. It’s time to search for something that feels right. Charlie Barber Masterlist . Cisco Ramon. “So it’s you. Warnings: This is so short oops. You could have helped if you had wanted to. However, with the use of an Ancient Sith Technique learned from the temples of Dromund Kaas, you are able to bind his spirit to you so he doesn’t pass on through the Force. I don’t just write about him ya know. The Arrangement. As well insulated and air conditioned as the manor was, the heat and longer days meant that there were less days when the manor was empty. 05. So, if any of you have requests about these two…come to me ;) Thanks anon to bring back my Star Wars motivation XD And thanks to @huxy-baby of course :) Requests are open Fandomlist Masterlist of 2017 Masterlist of January 2018 Masterlist of Feburary 2018 #fandomsloveimagines #star wars #marvel #kylo ren #marvel imagine #sherlock imagine #sebastian stan x reader #pedro pascal x reader #henry cavill x reader #henry cavill imagine #star wars imagine #kylo ren x reader #peaky blinders imagine #harry potter imagine #doctor who imagine #bucky barnes imagines #steve rogers imagine Poe Dameron Imagines Masterlist I haven’t made a masterlist in a while and some people have asked for one!! Series: fifty ways to kiss someone (has NSFW chapters) love (Modern) the stars were made for Kylo Ren had gagged the universe with his furor. “Good morning Sir” you say as you come across him on the bridge. Originally posted by monsterscavenger. One Shots; Dally. Just a failure. Completely Enamored 1 2 3 4. 642 notes #kylo ren x reader #kylo ren imagine #kylo ren #sw #tfa #general hux #hux #star wars imagine #matt the radar technician x reader #matt the radar technician #abir Kylo Ren x Female Reader. Originally posted by marvelgifs. SEEKING ADVENTURE • masterlist Star Wars • Mini-Series. Kylo Ren getting jealous when someone flirts with you. - Imagine having children with Kylo. Trying to be friends with Kylo was like a cat trying to catch a mouse. Now that Kirishima was there to entertain your three-year-old, cooking dinner was much easier. Summary: Kylo wants to know you are safe all the time, so he decides to teach you how to fight. A hungry Ren wasn’t a cute Ren. ” “1. His screams increased as the pressure did, and yet, not a single word left his lips. Imagine Kylo hunting you down after finding out you’re force sensitive. Requested. They’re awful at their jobs by the way. Or perhaps he had been dreaming of her; he wasn’t sure. ” You hissed, your head elevated from the chair you were strapped to. A/N: Part 4! Thanks for everyone’s patience (lol) with this part - Uni has been incredibly time consuming and I’ve just been too tired to write anything - so I’m trying to write a few things in advance on my Christmas holiday! - Kylo Ren. But wait! It gets even better. Series: 1. warning: mentioning of torture, sad. You wondered if maybe he was able to escape and find you. Chapter Two. It’s time for adventure. Sep 27, 2016 · Imagine planning on tricking the murderer, using you as bait but Noah instantly refuses to put you in danger. They claim to be a job service, and one of their “employees”, Carrigan, is friends with whoever the call recipient is, and that Carrigan has recommended you for this $15. Request: Anonymous. Imagine that. finn. The Moon preferred darkness and in that darkness, Kylo Ren was born. Together. Summary: You are a new Handmaid, your first assignment is at the home of Commander Kylo Ren. Forever. general hux, mentions of snoke. One Shots; Kylo Ren. Kylo putting his daughter to bed & reader talking to their son about the force. Masterlist This, obviously is my Masterlist! Kylo Ren x Reader : Really hope y'all like hazbin hotel because this Alastor x reader is a BLAST to write/imagine . Aug 06, 2018 · Fear- Kylo Ren x F!Reader. -Imagine finally realizing you love Kylo. Originally posted by cloudyfacewithjam He isn’t wearing his First Order uniform. It had been several years since you had met Kylo Ren, the leader of the First Order who was at first interested in you as a form of a military advantage. You and him were the perfect couple. Kylo Ren has fought the young sith, and lost. Off To Neverland Imagines : Supernatural Imagines . Ben Solo/Kylo Ren imagines - Slow Burn Request by @buckysjuicyplums: Hi, can you please write a Ben Solo x Reader imagine where the reader was a survivor in the camp of Jedi’s in training with Luke. #kylo ren #kylo ren x reader #kylo ren imagine #kylo ren smut #kylo ren x you #kylo x reader #star wars #star wars imagine #masterlist #masking the heart #kylo x you #sw first order imagine #star wars first order More you might like Kylo Ren Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren x reader (Finished) Part one: How Far I’ll Go; Part two: Fade; Part Three: Kiss the Girl; Part four: A Whole New World; Part five: You’re Somebody Else; Part six: Never Enough ; Part Seven: Unwell; Part eight: Tightrope; Part nine: It Will Rain; Part ten: Welcome to My Life; Part eleven: Little Wonders Star Wars Masterlist vader imagine darth vader x reader luke skywalker imagine luke skywalker x reader ben solo imagine ben solo x reader kylo ren imagine kylo In case no links are showing, that is because Tumblr is messing up. Wattpad mirror here. Imagine: you get kidnapped by Kylo Ren (Part 2) Imagine: Kylo makes sure you eat. Oblivious. When he goes to your home town to create chaos, you almost die with the chaos. Kylo has recently started to have unpleasant dreams about Reader and it’s starting to take it’s toll. Practical Joke. Discover more posts about kylo-ren-imagines. He was rumored to be ruthless, but when it came to anyone threatening his spouse… very few bothered to do that anymore, seeing as anyone who did, usually ended up dead. I’m sorry don’t leave me please keep reading my stuff D: 137 days. Back Home (Part 2) 03. She would fall back in love with me in time. Wish You The Best. kylo ren . HI so I’ve started writing for Elliot / Rami and I wanted to put my masterlist together early on, so here it is! I’ll be adding to this as much as possible. Not only do you catch his eye, you catch the eye of two more men. #kylo ren x reader #reader insert #star wars #star wars imagine #pregnant #hux is being extra #reader imagine #captain phasma #kylo finds out #hux does some spying #you are hux's sister #kylo is your husband #enjoy this #please kylo ren kylo ren is bae kylo x reader kylo ren x reader kylo ren imagine kylo x you fanfiction oneshot star wars adam driver a galaxy far far away fandom love romance fluff cute anxiety 124 notes Jan 24th, 2018 sturkiller writes, sturkillerbase, general hux, hux, general hux imagine, general hux x reader, hux imagine, hux x reader, reader x hux, kylo ren, kylo ren imagine, kylo, star wars the force awakens, star wars tfa, star wars tfa imagine, tfa, the force awakens, hux one shot, general hux one shot, star wars imagine, the force awakens imagine, Just a new imagines blog that specializes in wlw, but I’m willing to write imagines outside of that every once in awhile. When you both fight in the woods, you rant to him about how he was a bigger traitor than Finn was. Jan 15, 2019 · Star Wars (But Mostly kylo ren) Imagines + Lemons (Requests Closed) 271K Reads 2. 5K. Clyde Logan Masterlist . #45: Imagine being betrothed to General Hux but in love with Kylo Ren. Lucifer is the opposite. Kylo Ren comforting you. ben solo/kylo ren charlie barber . Most nights you worked as a bartender but tonight you worked as a waitress since you needed an extra shift and You turned to see if they were following you before swinging back around and smacking straight into a body, you looked up - it was Kylo Ren. (Warnings : fluff) Don’t play shyness: You’re a shy person and since everyone knows that your brother is Kylo Ren they tend to avoid you so you become an outsider. Flying Lessons. He can’t sleep peacefully unless he’s tucked into the reader’s arms, though he tries to deny it, and the reader finds it both funny and endearing. Imagines for all fandoms! I mostly just make whatever I Mar 01, 2016 · Imagine: Kylo Ren comforting you The masked figure held a blaster to your head, words of a foreign language slithering past his lips. I see anything from Titanic Kylo to Rockstar Poe to Merman Finn. Oct 12, 2018 · Poe has a crush on you and so you do too but you’re afraid that no one wants to be with you because of Kylo. Masterlist star wars star wars masterlist julez-the-great poe dameron general hux kylo ren anakin skywalker finn fn2187 obi wan kenobi cassian andor bb-8 reader insert x reader captain phasma han solo luke skywalker star wars reader insert Collision Course (Poe Dameron/Reader/Kylo Ren) - AO3. masterlist “Hey metal head I’ve been thinking while your guards have been trying so hard to get me to talk -which I haven’t. You leaned Alright (Kylo Ren x Reader) Originally posted by adamndriver. Kylo Ren has never kissed a girl before you ; Ben Solo was too awkward to kiss a girl; And he was training to be a Jedi, it was against the rules; So when he starts dating you, his lil assistant (you’re really Hux’s assistant assigned to him so Hux can know exactly what Ren is doing/ know when he’s destroyed a part of the ship) he never Kylo Ren Imagine #1: Bedtime Imagine that Kylo is secretly a cuddler. Word Count: 267 Prompts: “Get behind me now. -------- She licked her dry lips, and hissed at how cracked and bruised it was. The feeling of your skin against his reminding him that you’re real, that he’s real also. " Y/N " he called out. Audrey Jensen. Behind you, you could hear the door opening. Pairing: Kylo Ren x Queen!Reader Word Count: 4123 Warnings: some fluff Summary: Will Kylo let Dec 15, 2020 · Still Bad Kylo Ren x Reader Words: 1870 Request: you said be creative, so what about handsome kylo ren AU bad boy? to match his vibe in star wars, but so he won’t die after turning nice ahah the movie MASTERLIST MASTERLIST WOOT WOOT! Requests are open, and they always will be! Soooo go request some jazz!! STAR WARS: ~ Rebellion- Lies (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren x Reader) (TROS) ||PART 1|| ||PART 2|| You have an incredibly strong force connection with Ben. When he overhears his head general talking with the knights of ren about how they want you for themselves he can’t help the anger that floods through his body. You’re all a wonderful lot! Master list . Official Dec 18, 2017 · Kylo Imagine #9 Request: can I have a kylo x reader where you and your child are taken by the resistance and you think its because your kylos partner and its his child but they actually had no idea until you tell them? shocked leia would be appreciated thank u!! <3 Changed - Kylo Ren x Reader This was me trying to write the imagine I posted earlier. Doctor Who Gif Imagines: 10th Doctor. The brief reign of Kylo Ren would soon be over… and that of Armitage Hux would begin, and last for years to come. Walking into the training gym you feel a little unsure how you’ll perform. The reader is a praetorian guard who offers’s to Join Kylo’s side after Rey says no Nightmare- Kylo Ren Imagine Summary - Reader awakes in the middle of the night, leaving the room, however, is brought back by someone’s loud cry. It’s over for us #1 (angst) It’s over for us #2 (angst) The pull to the light (angst, again) Relax. Flip Zimmerman Masterlist. Kylo is nervous/proud, but General Hux finds out, and is trying to get rid of her. Jessie Quick. Star Wars: Being Kylo Ren’s wife imagine fandom star wars harry potter doctor who avengers marvel mcu marvel cinematic universe masterlist imagine A/N Soulmate AU in which Jedi can only have attachments if they have soulmates. prompt : — Masterlist Home Fandom List Ask credit. I can’t say I knew that he was innocent because I really didn’t know what to believe but I am so sorry he had to go through this and I am happy that we finally got more clarification on this situation. Multi-Character Headcanon Masterlist a/n: first mando request of the season! i hope you enjoy Originally posted by theoldguardmp4. Pale (Burn This) Masterlist. Arrangement pt. Finn: All ALRIGHT. He chuckles shaking his head at you, pouring the popcorn into the bowl. Sith Reader. Orders. You two grew close, training under Luke together, constantly being with one another. While Kylo was away, the reader found out something big. Petals. Words: 636. A portrait of Kylo’s parents, Han and Leia. Love at First Hostage. Once Upon A Time . See a recent post on Tumblr from @lemillionsimp about kylo-ren-imagines. ” Summary: While you know a child may not be the best thing for your situation, that won’t stop General Hux from trying to do everything in his power to get rid of you Hi! We're Jo and Ela and we make imagines regardless of gender, sexual orientation and fandom. Jan 24, 2019 · Kylo Ren - Masterlist Rule Everything (Goddess AU) New Start Saved Me The Night and The Day Tantrum Back Headcanons Being in the Resistance and he falls for you Doing Portraits His Queen Keeping You Jan 20, 2018 · Masterlist *- Favorite. > A/N: hi!!!!So, I’m quite proud of this chapter myself - it is a very “relationship building” chapter, I hope you guys don’t find it boring, but I believe that: we are all Star Wars fans, c’mon, so I guess it won’t be that Home Part 2 (Kylo Ren X Reader but it’s actually Poe Dameron X Reader) Part 1 Summary : In a whirlwind of events following your departure of the Starkiller base, tensions are higher than they’ve ever been. Once Upon A Time - Peter Pan. ransom drysdale | benoit blanc | diego hargreeves | erik lehnsherr | charles xavier Fan Fiction Masterlist *Avengers and co Clint Barton/ Hawkeye Imagine Clint flirting with you as he shows you how to use a bow and arrow https Like Father, Like Son - Kylo Ren. Taron Egerton. Late Night Talk. If they had really managed to kidnap the one person Kylo Ren cared for. Kylo Ren x Reader. luke skywalker. “Why should you care if I have or haven’t?” You huffed, crossing your arms with defiance. An event causes you and Kylo to finally have a discussion about parenting. I am sure many if not all of you have seen the pasts going around about rebloging writer’s stories to help the get more circulation. Its always quiet when you do so. Masterlist > Words: 2. If you suggested this let me know I had so much fun doing it! Also a dactillion is apparently just some lizard in the star wars universe I found out about when I was googling lol Masterlist. You can alternatively access my public Google Docs Masterlists (“External Masterlist”) which work on mobile too. *I WILL TRY TO POST AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, BUT IT WILL VARY DEPENDING ON MY SCHEDULE* Masterlist Kylo Ren X Reader My obsession with Kylo Ren is back, sorry, but I hope you enjoy, please like and follow me for more update, if you want anything particular then feel free to message me or leave a comment. 1) (6. loverkenobi Kylo Ren. The Start of Something (Part 1) 02. Chapter Four Marvel Avengers marvel Marvel Universe loki (marvel) marvel drabble loki x reader thor x reader reader x bruce bucky barnes x reader Bucky Barnes kylo ren x reader kylo ren star wars poe dameron johnlock Sherlock Holmes sherlock x reader Mycroft Holmes mycroft x reader Overwatch mchanzo bbc sherlock harry potter imagine harry potter ron weasley Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader. Force bond fluff written pre-TLJ. Poe just tries to charm you with the help of BB-8. “Kylo Ren One Shots MASTERLIST. starwars masterlist #45. The Youngest Curtis (angst, comfort Jan 10, 2020 · Originally posted by fangirlhani. Pairing • Togruta!Reader x Ben Solo ///// part 1 – „home“ Parenthood: A series ∫ Ben Solo ˗ˏˋ drabbles about ben solo being a father ´ˎ˗ the stories of oliver solo ↜ back to the star wars masterlist ˚ ⋆。˚ ☽ The Solo Family ∫ Part one “summary: ben solo is a Fandom Imagines This is a page for imagines from various fandoms. Warnings: Smut, sex, physical restraint, language (swearing), (consensual) mild torture. Oblivious . Enough is Enough. 15. could be longer. Kylo: No matter when, where, or how, Kylo’s kisses are always intense . The Arrangement (Kylo Ren x Reader) Masterlist. agents of shield. ” The knight of Ren takes a look into your mind to find out what Hux’ve lied to you about. Originally posted by oh-adam “But you can’t blame me if I don’t like it, alright?” you warn Adam, making yourself comfortable on the couch, waiting for him bring the popcorn and start the movie. ” Activities - What do ˗ˏˋKylo Renˎˊ˗ 01. Dec 31, 2020 · Patient || Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Reader ~ Part 4. Requested by @forthesakeofstarwars “If requests are still open, can I send one in for Kylo Ren, in which the reader is dating him and is very skilled and strong. ” Requests/Short Imagines: Imagine: Kylo realizes he is completely in love with you and can’t bare to watch you walk away. Dec 30, 2017 · #68: Kylo Ren x Reader Thanks for requesting anon This was really similar to a series of imagines I’ve already written, and in the future I’ll refer people to imagines that seem like a repeat, but I kylo x reader kylo ren x reader kylo x you kylo ren imagine kylo ren masterlist ben solo x reader star wars imagine star wars the rise of skywalker 172 notes Jan 12th, 2020 TV Shows/Movie Masterlist. It’s time to meet a shady smuggler. they give you a project to create a personal article on one of the nation’s most successful businessmen; kylo ren. So, this series should be done quickly, i’ll 100% make a masterlist after the 31 days so that all of those imagines, this series, x readers, lemons, and whatever else gets created is neatly organized. Thank you to eveone who takes the time to read my garbage ^•^ The star wars fandom is by far the most diverse one I’ve joined. He stared down at you, analysing you through his mask before offering his hand to take. Part 2 . This was not what I wished for. ”? A/N: I haven’t written in a month and a half, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write daily for the challenge . Sandman (Oneshot) NSFW Warning! Signed Death Warrant (NON CON) Imagine being a regular engineer aboard the Starkiller base. 08. Triplet Matt (Kissing) Star Wars One-Shots: I Love You (Triplet!AU Matt) Batteries (Triplet!AU Ben) I Don’t Need Your Advice (Triplet!AU Kylo) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Empty Compartment (Newt Scamander) Pt May 10, 2019 · The sweltering heat of May in Gotham kept Alfred in the grocery store more than usual. Imagine Hux being born force sensitive and Brendol put a chip in him so Hux couldn’t use it but it broke when Kylo threw him or choked him and in the lull between TLJ and TROS Hux is working on learning to use the force, learning to protect himself from Kylo and Pryde. Y/N was found by some elderly women, which one would think were maybe some Nuns or grandmas, but no that’s not what these woman were. 02. My Melody. misc. index message archive Masterlist FAQ One Shots. word count : 1k+ warnings : cursing, angry!kylo, fluff. - Imagine Kylo being stressed. Please let me know what you think / send me in requests anytime! Elliot Alderson x Reader. Kylo Ren x Reader: Asshole - Ever since the force bond with Rey, Kylo has been neglecting the one person who matters most in his life, you. Occasionally I will also reblog other Star Wars x readers or other things outside of the fandom if I really like them. Oliver Wood Star Wars Masterlist Kylo Ren: • Having a Love/Hate Relationship with Kylo Ren Would Include Poe Dameron: • First Date (With Third Wheel BB-8) Cassian Andor: • Dating Cassian Andor (With Third Wheel Spark (Poe x Reader x Kylo Ren) Scare. Kylo Ren X Reader. Not on Your Side; Obi-Wan Kenobi. And if that didn’t work, then I’d just keep her here. Kylo Ren sensed something and Hux knew what it was. #masterlist #my writing #star wars imagines #star wars masterlist 256 Notes. Elliot has a panic attack and the reader comforts him . Numb. The Dark Side. Wish You The Best P. Raphael Santiago . Hux’s new pet” Ren responds “I bet he told you everything you need to know about me. He must have thrown the entire weight of his towering body into it because it exploded against you with such force that the buckle broke off and clattered across the floor. Apologies Underworld’s Heiress’ Masterlist Band Members X Reader Asking Alexandria -Imagine 1: When Cameron see you in backstage -Imagine 2: Ben missing you because you’re on tour -Imagine 3: Ben holding your child by the first tim Black Veil Brides -Imagine 1: Arriving home and seeing this -Imagine 2: Trying to take Andy’s picture Bring Me The Horizon -Imagine 1: Making Oliver laugh -Imagine 2 I have the two Kylo Ren Imagines queued to post at 12:01 am (Version One) and 12:01 pm (Version Two) on Friday. Ben Starling • DCEU. Sam Winchester • Paper Towns. Caught. Usually I make separate blogs for different content, but then when I lose interest/get busy, I neglect the blog, and then I realize I haven’t made content in a while, and then I get anxiety The Good in the Bad ~Kylo Ren Imagine~ Requested: Summary: Kylo Ren has mix emotions about you. Imagine Kylo Ren exposing his real identity to you; ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK . request: Hey hi! Could I request a Kylo x reader where she’s his wife and basically terrorizes everyone because she’s always weirdly calm even when she gets angry but everyone knows she could make your life hell and just make you suffer even more than her husband and Kylo just finds it Summary: You are Kylo Ren’s sister and you get mad at Kylo when he kills Han. While most of you wanted to blame it on the fact that you had been unwilling in the first place, a small part of you thought, no, knew that it was the blueberry on the court. Warning: Slightly vulgar language ~~ You walked into the club you worked at, already counting the seconds until your shift was over. 7K Votes 27 Part Story By probablyonnaboo Ongoing - Updated Jan 15, 2019 Kylo Ren. I awake suddenly to darkness, blinking repeatedly to try and gain some form of consciousness. Marvelous. Ben Hardy. (Team Arrow Imagine) Just Live Surprise Date Night. Jace Herondale • The Flash. Wasteland. There, you met the love of your life. I Think I’m Pregnant. Chapter Three. “Nice set, Kageyama!” masterlist ellie-mae echoingsquealz the maze runner fanfiction marvel fanfiction school of witchcraft and wizardry riverdale fanfiction asoue fanfic ouat fanfic fandom blog fanfiction fanfic writing fanfic blog multi fandom multi fandom imagines klaus baudelaire peter pan jughead jones newt scamander Loki Laufeyson Thor Odinson Bucky Barnes You only saw the infamous Kylo Ren from a far. Reader Insert #2. Feb 29, 2016 · Imagine: Being Kylo Ren’s First Kiss It was late. Robb Stark. 2) Just Not Enough. * #49: Imagine Kylo bringing you to Snoke and being forced to watch you die. I hate you, I love you! Always been t-adash-i’s Kylo Ren headcanons and fanfic, because she is senpai; Of All the Star Killers in All the Galaxies: a Kylo Ren x reader story that is snarky and extremely well done, written by Avocado; ImagineKylo’s fantastic one-shots and imagines; Obsidian-shadow’s one-shots; Starwarsh0e’s one-shots, headcanons, and Aphelion Kylo Ren x reader. Sep 27, 2020 · M A S T E R L I S T Star Wars Masterlist smut requests info I just adore this little squishy violent man with all my heart. Thrown out the day she was born just like a piece of garbage. With a bounty on your head and gunpowder in your nose, you’ve grown adjusted to a life of solitude away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Loving You: Series Masterlist ( In process ) Summary: Reader and Kylo were best friends before they decided to date and MASTERLIST - AMA/Requests always open! Headcanons/Imagines - Sleeping with Kylo Ren - Reading with Kylo Ren - Where you’re a Force-sensitive Rebel. Loki (Thor/The Avengers) | External Masterlist Loki Imagines Oneshots and Multichapter fics Kylo Ren (Star Wars) | External Masterlist Eric (Divergent) | External Masterlist Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad Oct 05, 2016 · Short Imagine: - Imagine 1 _____ Axel x Reader . Soft Flame (NSFW) Serene Moments (Dad! Kylo Ren) Troubled Heart (Dad! Kylo Ren) Kylo Ren Asks. The throne (smut) In the snow. As a result of your kitchen being connected to the living room and only being separated by a countertop, you could very clearly hear and see your two favorite boys playing around. 04. M A R V E L. He hung his head in defeat as his uncle Kylo Ren X Reader: Good and Evil Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader-chan is a conflicted Jedi who meets Kylo. Pairing: Kylo Ren x Queen!Reader Word Count: 4123 Warnings: some fluff Summary: Will Kylo let May 25, 2020 · FanArt Masterlist• Kylo Ren (Prismacolor) • Kylo Ren (Watercolor, prismacolor and acrilyc) • Armitage Hux (Watercolor, prismacolor and acrilyc) • Armitage Hux (Watercolor, prismacolor and acrilyc) • Pinned Post itsallaboutkey flip zimmerman x reader flip zimmerman flip zimmerman imagine flip zimmerman smut kylo ren kylo ren x reader kylo ren imagine Professor Remus Lupin remus lupin smut remus lupin imagine remus lupin x reader sirius black smut sirius black x reader sirius black imagine sirius black x you severus snape x reader severus Kylo Ren IMAGINES MASTERLIST #deadly voice masterlist #opposites attract masterlist #jokersenigma #jokersenigma fan fiction #jokersenigma fan fic #jokersenigma masterlist #nygma x reader #nygma x reader fan fiction #joker x reader #joker x reader fan fiction MASTERLIST!! (requests are closed until i catch up a bit!!) DIN DJARIN: The Stars in Your Eyes All my Love (part two of “The Stars in Your Eyes”) The Scariest Thing Commander Brown Eyes KYLO REN/BEN Kylo Ren x Reader: Pick a name. The moon was fairly low on the horizon. He found the location of the Rebel base, and he was on his way there now. Adam Driver / Kylo Ren. I’ll Come Back For You; I m a g i n e s : Kylo Ren. Summary: Kylo Ren has been away from Lady Ren, the reader, for three months because Supreme Leader Snoke helped Kylo finish his training. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Masterlist Kylo Ren - Kylo x Force sensitive!Reader (NSFW) l?X?l - ?Beautiful? l X l - Hair play l X l - Cuddling l X l - Kylo x Reader: Shower?(NSFW) - Insecure!Kylo x Reader: l X l - Becoming a adam sakler (girls) albert wesker (resident evil) alex (dunkirk) baby (baby driver) bill weasley (harry potter) billy lee (bad times at the el royale) Imagine (+ AU) What this shit means: 2. Head Over Heels. Coming Clean. Well I was thinking that you might wanna rethink your technique” Rambler (Kylo Ren x Reader) I got an anon suggesting something with kylo and a prisoner that isn’t bothered by him and this is what I managed. Noah Foster • Pretty Little Liars. Aug 04, 2018 · Kylo Ren x Reader . There is a little note at the end. A show about the Devil. Healer Series (Kylo Ren, complete) (the last 2 chapters are kind of lame im sorry TT) Part 1 . Help; Cassian Andor. AU: In this AU, Rey never existed. Originally posted by bestintheparsec. Motivation is the key. I didn’t do it (smut) Matt? (smut) Don’t fuck it up. Kylo Ren had already tried to get information from you, but you resisted, being left alone. I have some bigger things planned for the end of this week and next week though. The brunette had spent a while trying to use the force to unlock the Sith’s mind, and what she visioned was immense pain with no feeling of purpose. Hi there! Here’s my masterlist to Little Bird, the Handmaid’s Tale AU fic that’s finally finished! (banner by @faestae ) AO3 mirror here. Bruises - Kylo Ren x Fem!Reader (Star Wars) A/N: the way i had the opening of this in my drafts for ages and then at the big time of 2am i decided i wanted to rewrite the whole thing and get it published ;) i’m so much more motivated to write than usual when i should be doing uni work but oh well more kylo content for you guys <33 inbox is always open for requests while im actually writing Pain's an Old Friend Hey, I'm Chlo, and welcome to my page! Sometimes I write, other times I fall off of the face of the planet until God knows when. Warnings: Swearing . Mary Stuart • Scream. “She may seem like lollipops and rainbows but I bet behind closed doors she’s latex and whips” Warnings: COMPLETELY NSFW . Star Wars : Kylo Ren: “I feel it again…the call to the Light” Acceptance Human Loving Lies Irresistible Fools Runaway House Of Memories Anger Control Beast (Version 1) Beast (Version 2) Young God Recovery Hidden Tattoo Headcannons Why Does Kylo Ren Wear His Mask Arrangement pt. Bite. Jeremy Gilbert . 0k – word count o – original text r – request i – inspired by… an imagine or something else ///// I used to do requests, but to be honest, I felt heavily pressured by it since I feel like my fantasy can work best when not having to fulfil expectations. He wore a long sleeved black shirt, scrunched up around his elbows, exposing his lower arms, and loose black pants. you are determined to finish the project, only to find out that ren is a very difficult man. For all of Kylo’s fics and imagines, click here for my Kylo Ren # kylo ren smut # kylo ren x reader # kylo x reader # kylo ren imagine # kylo ren # kylo trash # priest!Kylo # demon!reader # father ren # priest kink # masterlist # fanfiction problems # don't be a brat Could you do a Kylo Ren imagine where the reader is an officer of the First Order and is unknowingly Force-sensitive that she discovers when she’s suddenly being called out to from space (think the voice from Frozen 2), prompting Kylo to take interest in both the source of what’s calling the reader and the reader herself? Kylo savors this time. pairing/characters : kylo ren x empress!sith!reader. Word Count: 1. #41: Imagine joining Kylo Ren and giving in to the Dark Side. Plot: You and Ben are forced to face each other after that kiss, but is everything as it seems? Masterlist _____ “Have you really never kissed a boy before?” Ben laughed. • G E N E R A L H U X • Originally posted by deputyrook. He tried to push thoughts of seeing you to the back of his head, but he failed. -Imagine celebrating christmas with Kylo. skye. 09. To my usual followers who didn’t come here for star wars content, I’m so sorry. Imagine being the significant other of Kylo Ren and being the only one who can calm him down. Rey: X-Wing Hook Ups. Imagine Audrey debating on wether to kiss you or not. Also this picks up immediately after the last part ended. Home. When I put up my first little imagine I thought I’d get 2 notes top. Elliot has trust issues. Words: 629. Bucky Barnes. - Imagine Kylo walking in on you changing. Your breathing quickened, and your heart began to pound loudly in your chest. kylo ren imagines masterlist

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